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YOUR TOP RESOURCE FOR 80% LOWER JIGS AND 80 PERCENT LOWERS. 5D Tactical supplies essential equipment for building your own AR-15, AR-9 or AR-308/AR-10 firearms, including upper receivers and 80 percent lower receivers, 80% lower jigs, tools, and jig replacement parts.

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Nov 28, 2016· Today on ITS, we're beginning our DIY 80% Lower Build to show you how to complete a lower receiver in your garage. What's An 80% Lower? Receiver blanks, otherwise known as 80% lowers, are AR-15 receivers with a completely solid and un-machined fire-control cavity area.

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May 24, 2013· I'm not that skilled. I've taken a year of machine classes at the local community college, so I'm comfortable milling a pocket and drilling three holes. It's a LOT more work to machine an entire lower. I would just buy a stripped lower, but I want a few guns off the books and my custom roll marks.

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80Lowers presents our Gen 1.2 AR 15 80% Lower Receiver Drill and Milling Jig which is machined from 6061-T651 Billet Aluminum.

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80% Arms sells AR-15 and .308 80% Lower Receivers, 80% Lower Jigs and other accessories which allow you to legally build a firearm at home in most states. incredibly precise We utilize state of the art 5-axis CNC machines to mill all our .308 and AR-15 80 percent lower receivers to incredibly precise tolerances using premium billet aluminum.

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Mar 20, 2018· We've talked before about what exactly an 80% lower is, and even talked about finishing an 80% lower.. Today, we're going to go over the best AR-15 80% or unfinished lowers out there.. Tactical Machining 80% Lower. We're also going to look at some of the things to be on the lookout for when it comes to choosing an 80% lower.

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Product proudly manufactured using CNC machines made in the USA. Let's keep America working! 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver Jig; Side Plates – American made aluminum with hardened drill bushings

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AR-15 Universal 80% Lower Jig. AR-308/AR-10 Universal 80% Lower Jig Feature # 1: True Universal Compatibility . Just because a jig's side plates fit your lower doesn't mean it will work with your lower. Other jigs on the market lack true universal compatibility, resulting in off centered or non-parallel features. Problem: The width of an AR ...

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Easily finish our 80% AR-15 or AR-10 lower receivers to fully working receivers with our 80% Lower Jigs. Shop our AR-15 or 80% AR-308 complete lower receivers and kits to get all the parts you need to complete your custom build with precision. Enjoy easy and fast assembly for AR-15 and AR-308 with our 80% lower receiver kits.

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If you're wondering just how to complete an 80% lower receiver – it's never been easier. With 80% lower jig and a handful of tools you can take pride in the fact you finished your own 80% AR 15 lower receiver all on your own.. When completing your 80% AR lower receiver take your time and follow these simple instructions.

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Nov 18, 2016· Here we show you from start to finish, how to machine a quality and reliable 80% lower receiver. We show you step by step using the 80% Arms easy jig. Let us show you what we have learned by ...

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An 80% lower receiver is nothing but a simple milled or forged piece of metal which looks like an AR-15 lower receiver but without the fire control group cavity. In simpler terms, it is an unfinished AR-15 lower receiver which requires the user to do some milling and drilling in order to make it functional.

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AR-15 80% Lower Receiver SALE Exclusive Featuring Tactical Machining 80% AR-15 Lower Receivers with Cerro forgings. Includes 1 80% Receiver. YES, We have the determination letter from BATFE making these LEGAL 80% receivers.

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The #1 manufacturer of 80% lowers tool kits. We carry 80% AR-15 lower receivers and 80% .308 lowers. Find out why our toolkits are the best in the industry.

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AR-15 80% Lower Receivers. Our AR 15 80 lower receivers are perfect for any DIY gunsmith. Each lower receiver is mil-spec, made from 7075 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and is made to withstand the toughest tests, either out in the field or on the range.

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Building an AR-15 from an 80% Lower Receiver with our 80% Lower Jig. Our AR-15 80% Lower Jig Assembly gives you the definitive guide when it comes to taking on an 80% lower yourself. Constructed of 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and prepared in our state of the art HAAS CNC machines and held to the strictest of tolerances, we have manufactured ...

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Apr 24, 2015· Website To Get Ar Lower Jig Plans? Thread starter lowlife; Start date Apr 22, 2015 [3] ... Machining the AR15 Lower Receiver Forging by Ray Brandes Looks pretty complete. I haven't started any of mine yet. ... I started out by working with a borrowed commercial made jig that was a drilling and routing guide and it really created more problems ...

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This article will discuss the actual milling process of an 80% lower as well as some tricks, tips, pitfalls and general observations in finishing an 80% Ar-15 lower receiver. Once again I would like to stress the use of eye protection. I would also like to mention that if you are using a drill press I do not advise using it like a milling machine.

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This complete 3D printer-made jig assembly is designed specifically for AR-15 mil. spec. receivers for use by Type 07 FFL's/Class 2 SOT's. This unit accurately locates (held within .001") the 2 drilling holes as well as depicts not only the shape but also the depth specifics of the select-fire control pocket layout.

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Jun 04, 2017· How To Machine a 80% Lower Receiver (AR15) Quick and Easy - Duration: 11:48. City Prepping 386,074 views. ... Milling Machine from a Drill Press - Duration: 15:51. AvE 837,880 views.

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Description. AR15 & 308 top plates are interchangeable. Broken Arms AR15 Lower Receiver jig, tooling kit, and a drill press is all you need to turn your 80% receiver into a fully functional AR15 receiver.

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80% AR-15 Lower Receiver - Black Anodized 80% AR-15 Lower Features: Our Mil-Spec Lower receiver Starts with a top quality 7075-T6 Aluminum AR-15 Forging and are completed to exacting CNC Tolerances to the stage required to be considered (80 percent) still not a firearm by Federal Laws.

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Mar 20, 2018· We've talked before about what exactly an 80% lower is, and even talked about finishing an 80% lower.. Today, we're going to go over the best AR-15 80% or unfinished lowers out there.. Tactical Machining 80% Lower. We're also going to look at some of the things to be on the lookout for when it comes to choosing an 80% lower.

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AR-15 Receivers. Kevin is selling some of the best 80% AR15 lower receiver forgings that I've ever seen. The mag well has been broached just like all the big name AR15 manufacturers use, so it …

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All the jigs we sell are designed for the AR-15, LR-308, and the new AR9 platform. Every jig guarantees your lower will be cut and drilled to the specifications required for reliable functionality. Each 80 lower jig is easy to use and requires less than two hours of work …

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AR-15 80% Lower Adjustable Universal Jig Kit. ... This jig can used on both FORGED and BILLET AR-15 80% lower receivers using the new indexing technique which utilizes the buffer tube mount to center the receiver (not the sides). ... All you need is a drill press or a mill.