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Ilwontech Co., Ltd, established in February 15, 2004, is a professional building construction and safety inspection institution for the maintenance of facilities doing repair and reinforcement work along with safety inspection.

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Feb 28, 2001· An expansion joint for a parking structure includes first and second rails for mounting on adjacent slabs at opposite sides of a gap therebetween and a cover plate that overlies the rails and covers the gap while permitting relative movement between the slabs. A series of turnbars are pivotally coupled to the underside of the cover plate using ball and socket joints so that lateral loads ...

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An expansion joint is provided that accommodates dimensional changes occurring during the cooldown and warm-up of large cryogenic devices such as superconducting magnet coils. Flattened tubes containing a refrigerant such as gaseous nitrogen (N.sub.2) are inserted into expansion spaces in the ...

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Update July 1, 2019: On June 11, 2019 US Patent 10,316,661 B2 issued. This patent broadens coverage on our fire-rated tunnel expansion joint systems. Update February 7, 2019: On January 15, 2019 US Patent 10,179,993 B2 issued. This patent broadens coverage on our factory-fabricated fire-rated and water resistant Universal and Custom transitions.

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An improved rail expansion joint for use in railway track located at the end of long welded rails. The said rail expansion joint comprises a pair of identical rails (50, 52) without having any bent, a cast manganese steel chair (60), a mild steel bracket (55), said rails (50, 52) being rested on said cast manganese chair (60) and said mild steel bracket (55) being fastened so that said rails ...

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Victaulic Sprinkler Heads / Sprinkler Systems, Grooved Valves / Grooved Pipe Fittings, and expansion joints. History. Victaulic Patent filed on 4 April 1919 by Ernest Tribe. The modern company known as Victaulic was founded in New York in 1925 to market mechanical, bolted couplings engage pipe grooves and use a gasket seal. The technology of ...

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Also known telescopic expansion joint for high-pressure pipelines (patent Germany N 805834, CL 47 f 15/40), consisting of an inner pipe of the pipe, made in the form of pipe Venturi, and it is associated with pipeline pipe. The labyrinth seal is provided an outer pipe pipe covering coupled and tightly coupled with it's internal pipeline pipe.

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May 26, 1992· However, the expansion joint provides a gap where water can enter and damage the adjoining concrete slabs 12. The expansion joint is provided with a felt strip 14 which is partially milled out. Above felt strip 14 is a bead of tar 16 which seals out water.

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Tremco® PUMA Expansion Joint System (EJS) A Monolithic Liquid Polyurethane-Methacrylate (PUMA) Expansion Joint System tremcosealants.com Page 2 of 2 0319/TPEJSDS-EJ Please refer to our website at for the most up -to-date Product Data Sheets .

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rooftop surface &/or expansion gap substrate. Lower RoofJoint into rooftop gap so that it achieves a level and firm fit with the rooftop surface. The bottom of the RoofJoint gland should fit firmly into the top of the silicone bellows of the Joint Closure (if installed). STEP 3: Weld or Adhere Lower Flange

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FIBRE EXPANSION JOINT is versatile, resilient, flexible, and non-extruding. When compressed to half of its original thickness, it will recover to a minimum of 70% of its original thickness. CERAMAR ® flexible foam expansion joint filler is composed of a unique blend of isomeric polymers in a very small, closed-cell structure. Gray in color ...

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The Wabo®Crete SiliconeSeal joint system is a fast and effective solution for repairing existing joints or constructing new joints on… Link » Details; Wabo®Crete SPS Image Product Codes. SPS. Description. The Wabo®Crete SPS expansion joint system along with Wabo®Crete II, forms an ideal expansion joint system for both new construction ...

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A buried expansion joint for bridges and the like has an elastomeric member having areas of increased compressibility towards each edge, and integral flanges at each edge for securing to bridge deck parts. The bridging member with its flanges is a continuous, constant cross-section, extrusion and is cut either in the factory, or on site, to lengths corresponding to the width of the bridge roadway.

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RAIL EXPANSION JOINT Field of Invention The present invention relates to an improved Rail Expansion Joint (REJ) for use in railway tracks. This invention particularly relates to rail expansion joint otherwise known as Switch Expansion Joint (SEJ) for use in railway tracks at the end of long welded rails fitted to the slippers.

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An expansion joint in the road bridges, M., "Transport", 1978, S. 19, Fig. 1.5). The disadvantages of the known devices is the low reliability and durability of springs and rubber gaskets. The objective of the invention is to improve the reliability and durability of an expansion joint …

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Jun 4, 2019- In building construction, an expansion joint is a mid-structure separation designed to relieve stress on building materials caused by building movement induced by: thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes, sway caused by wind, seismic events, etc. See more ideas about Expansion joint, Thermal expansion and Building materials.


8-16 RESTRAINT SYSTEMS • 1-800-426-9341 JULY 01, 2017 RESTRAINT SYSTEMS FJ RESTRAINT FLEXIBLE EXPANSION JOINT * Length shown is nominal, or shipped length Larger Sizes Available Upon Request NOM. SIZE

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Polypropylene Expansion Board. SPEED LOAD™ U.S. Patent D419,700. SPEED DOWEL ® is the pioneering slip dowel installation system that ensures proper dowel alignment for positive load transfer in slab-on-ground concrete joints. SPEED DOWEL ® has revolutionized how the concrete industry designs and constructs joints for superior

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Patents : Division. IPC ... AR Expansion Joint Compression Seals. AR Expansion Joint Compression Seals. CR Expansion Joint Compression Seals. All Transitions for Fireline Fire Barriers. All Transitions for Fireline Fire Barriers. Fireline Inside Mount Fire Barrier. Fireline Bottom Mount Fire Barrier.

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Concrete expansion joints are used to separate slabs and concrete from other parts of the structure. Expansion joints allow independent movement between adjoining structural members, minimizing cracking when such movements are restrained. It allows for thermal expansion and contraction without inducing stress into the system.

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Belt type expansion joints Abstract. An elastomeric expansion belt material includes an under layer having a heat resistant or insulating fabric, or matting, such as an asbestos fabric, carried by a polymerizable elastomer vulcanized to a heat shield including one or more layers of a metal foil, such as aluminum, and a polyester film, such as polyethylene terephthalate having the metal foil on ...

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SJS-SEISMIC JOINT SYSTEM TECH DATA NOVEMBER 2018, PAGE 1 OF 2 Product Description SJS-Seismic Joint System is designed to provide a watertight, trafficable joint system in 2-inch (50mm) and larger joint openings, in decks including parking decks, stadium concourses, stadium treads and risers, and other horizontal plane applications.

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Dec 23, 1980· A flexible expansion joint, comprising: a pair of coaxial pipes defining joint portions, the adjacent ends of said pipes being axially spaced-apart from one another; an annular, circumferentially extending, stop ring secured to the outer surface of each of said pipes at a location close to said adjacent end thereof so as to protrude radially ...

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Jun 4, 2019- Parking garage expansion joints play a critical role in the proper functioning and preservation of parking structures. To work properly, they must be waterproof, handle vehicle and pedestrian traffic, handle thermal movement, live load deflection, and seismic movement. Parking garage, or car park, expansion joint sealing is no accident.

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Wabo®QuakeWall (patent pending) is a high performance exterior/interior wall expansion system joint capable of accomodating large multi-directional thermal/seismic forces and… Link » Details

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ASM Interior Wall And Ceiling: This surface-mounted metal wall and ceiling cover is designed for interior applications where low maintenance or tamper-resistant applications are desired.

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rooftop surface &/or expansion gap substrate. Lower RoofJoint into rooftop gap so that it achieves a level and firm fit with the rooftop surface. The bottom of the RoofJoint gland should fit firmly into the top of the silicone bellows of the Joint Closure (if installed). STEP 3: Weld or Adhere Lower Flange

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The Roberts Patent Pending Dual Expansion Joint Spacer is the only spacer you'll need for your floating and glue down vinyl, laminate and hardwood flooring jobs. Not only do they space out 1/4 in. and 1/2 in. expansion gaps, these spacers also form 1 in. thresholds.